I have reproductions of six ancient Egyptian scribal palettes, in a variety of woods, mostly North American hardwoods. I have made a few with some more exotic boards I have; these do come with a bit of a premium over the base prices.

If you are interested in something using wood a bit closer to the originals, which in many cases were made of cedar, please contact me. Cedar of Lebanon is available but is very expensive in North America, but American cedar has similar color.

British Museum EA5517

Available in cherry, walnut, and maple

Museo Egizio #6222

Available in cherry only, for now. Please let me know if you are interested in reproductions in walnut, mahogany, or maple.

British Museum EA 12782

Available in cherry, walnut, zebrawood, and lacewood, with red and black ink

Cleveland Museum of Art #1914.680

The perfect starter palette, perhaps for your favorite boy or girl king. Available in cherry, walnut, maple, or mahogany, with or without ink. 

Manchester Museum #11500

Available in walnut, mahogany, and cherry, with black ink. 

British Museum EA 36825 

This is a very small palette, which was owned by an "outline artist," and for this reason seems to have contained only three colors: black, red, and yellow ocher. Available soon in cherry, walnut, or mahogany, with black, red, and yellow inks.