British Museum EA12782

This palette, from the 6th Dynasty, has an inscription incised in the wood over the pen cavity. It also has a rare, if not unique, construction technique.  It is made from two thin layers of wood, a bottom layer and a top layer. The craftsman carved the inkwell and the access ramp fr om the top layer, and carved the pen cavity from the bottom layer. Gluing the two layers together creates the enclosed pen cavity, with no need to glue in a lid over the cavity. This is an excellent technique for NOT disrupting the wood grain, though  that does not seem to have been a great concern to the people who made palettes in ancient Egypt.  But it is a perfect way to make a palette from wood with strong grain and coloring, like the zebrawood example below. 

British Museum EA12782, zebrawood, red and black inks

Note: This  palette was purchased on March 19.  I will offer another for sale, but please keep in mind that I do not have one for immediate shipping. I will have another within a few months! If you wish to purchase one sooner, let me know and I will push it to the top of my to-do list. 

British Museum EA12782, lacewood, red and black inks

British Museum EA12782, walnut, red and black inks

British Museum EA12782, cherry, red and black inks


British Museum EA12782, maple, red and black inks

NOTE: I have  not made this palette in maple yet, but am offering pre-orders if anyone might want one. Please allow at least two months for construction and shipping.